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Confirnement nanny post natal

Post Partum Challenges

Childbearing is one life experience both physically and mentally demanding. Apart from going through hormonal changes, mental preparation for receiving the baby as a new member of the family could also be a form of stress for some. Challenges continue even after the baby is born, more so for new mothers. The ideal solution to this is to engage a confinement nanny!

Imagine trying to recuperate from the physical stress while coping with taking care of the newborn. Statistics showed that around 20% of new mothers suffer from postpartum depression. The added responsibilities when the baby is unwell can make it worse if no (professional) help is available.

To ensure a smooth recovery and also to learn from the experienced as well as “professional mothers”, many mummies take on the services of a confinement nanny. A professional confinement nanny is trustworthy and dependable. They are there for anything to do with mummy’s postpartum recovery as well as infant care. The nanny will care for the newborn with feeding, bathing, and even simple exercises to aid healthy growth. She will also help the mother with breastfeeding issues, and cook her nutritious food suitable for after birth. All to help the mother and baby get the best start possible.

Aside from taking care of the mother and baby, a confinement nanny also teaches the mother how to care for her baby in the initial years. Providing tips in managing typical baby issues are also helpful for first-time mothers.

Why Choose Credence Employment

At Credence Employment, we handpick our list of confinement nannies ensuring they meet the minimum requirements. They must have at least 8 years of professional experience with good feedback. The confinement nannies also must pass our “Herbal Knowledge Test” to ensure that they are able to provide the mummies with the nutrition they need.

If you decide on hiring the services of a confinement nanny, we will ensure to find the perfect match for your needs. Or if you are planning to get a domestic helper for long-term help, do get in touch by filling out the form here.